We pride ourselves on having some of the most experienced bow techs working in our shop.  You can count on good customer service!

General Charges:

Archery Service Hourly Rate          $40 to $60 per hour

Minimum Labor Charge $10.00

Bow Press Fee                                  $7.00 (for each use of bow press)

Shipping and handling                     $20 (applies to anything returned to the factory for warranty or service)

Compound Bow

Basic Bow Setup                              $20.00

Installation and mounting of accessories and basic bow setup

Advanced Bow Setup                      $40.00

Installation of silencers, rests, sights, and standard bow tuning

Standard Bow Tuning                     $20.00

Adjust draw weight and length, center flight, an nock

Advanced Bow Tuning                    $40.00

Axis level and squaring, set timing, parts not included