Corporate Team Building Events

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Slamming bumper cars and shooting your work colleagues with paint can hurt!  Those places are cool but why not try something new and exciting!!  We provide traditional Archery parties or Archery Tag team building events.

Traditional Archery:  Parties include all the equipment and a dedicated staff member that is NFAA/USA certified to instruct archery.  The party can be reserved for an hour of private range use(additional hours can be purchased).  We will take the time to instruct each individual on the sport of archery.  The archers will them shoot at targets approximately 15 feet away.  If time permits shoot at balloons and paint targets.

Archery Tag:  Parties include all equipment and a dedicated staff member.  The party can be reserved for and hour of private range use (additional hours can be purchased).  We will take the time to instruct each individual on how to use our equipment.  Archery Tag® is played similar to dodgeball with our bows and patented foam-tipped arrows. This exciting, action-packed game offers the ultimate family-friendly experience that engages the everyone.  Two teams, consisting of 5 players each playing opposite one another, are separated by a “safe zone.” Each team also has what we call a “5-Spot Knockout Target.”  There are two objectives:  1) to tag the opponents, and 2) to knock out the five discs of the opposing team’s target. You eliminate a player by tagging him or her with an arrow, or by catching his or her arrow. The 5-Spot Targets work to save a “life” of one of the players.  A “tagged” player can be called back into the game when a target spot is knocked out or when a teammate catches an arrow. 

Is it Safe?  Unlike some other sports, the only safety equipment required to play Archery Tag®  is a facemask. Players experience virtually no pain when “tagged” with our Archery Tag® arrows.   Arrows should be used only with Archery Tag® Bows, and will in no way be used in any other type of bow (compound, recurve, longbow, or crossbow, etc.).

What does it cost?

Private party fees are $285 for inside events and $360 for outside events for up to 12 players for an hour of play. You can get about 15-20 games in within the hour. Each additional player over the 12th player is an additional $28 a head.  You can play up to 16 archers at one time per game.  For larger groups we run a tournament or round robin type of play.  We have hosted groups as large as 50 players and all of them received plenty of playing time(with additional hour purchase). Each additional hour is a flat fee of $250. A $75 cancellation fee will be charged if the event is not canceled within seven days of the scheduled date. This can be used toward rescheduling for another date. Call us to book an event today!


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