CBE Archery Sights

CBE Archery Sights

For 2014, the entire CBE Archery Sight line has been redesigned to achieve the absolute maximum performance possible from each and every sight in the line while also focusing on the user experience. Our goal is to make both our tournament-proven competition sights and our competition-inspired hunting sights the best they can be from both perspectives!

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Tournament-proven competition sights —

  • The best way to determine the best competition bowsight is to look what’s on the bows of the best shooters out there.
  • The best measure of the best shooters is tournament wins.
  • This past competitive season more winners won with CBE Archery Sights than all other bowsight brands combined!
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Competition-inspired hunting sights —

  • Like the innovation that results from the drive to win in auto racing transfers to the performance and features on the vehicles we drive every day, the technology used in CBE Archery Sights competition sights, proven superior by long range archers who succeed or fail based solely on accuracy, … has inspired a lineup of hunting sights that will help you shoot better, shoot more accurately at longer ranges!