Scott Releases

We Carry Scott Releases the #1 name in the release game!

How to choose the right SCOTT Release for you!

Choosing the right release is part personal preference, part desired function. Regardless of which style or features you choose you can be assured that your SCOTT Release is the best built release you can buy. Tolerances are tighter, technologies are tested and finishes are flawless. In the end, this means that when it matters most, your release will perform as promised. Here is a guide for choosing the right SCOTT Release for you!

Adjustable Trigger Sensitivity for custom performance

With a SCOTT Release you can adjust the trigger sensitivity to fit your performance. Some like their trigger extremely sensitive while others prefer a heavier setting. It’s up to you!

Roller Sear Technology gives you clean triggering, no felt travelicon-roller-sear

SCOTT’s famous Roller Sear design allows for light trigger settings and gives you clean triggering with no felt travel – a must for consistent, accurate shooting.