Indoor Range

Chicago Archery is one of the best indoor archery ranges in the area. We have a multi-lane, 20 yard

range. Guests are always welcome to come in and enjoy the fun of archery. Get out of the cold or hot

weather and enjoy our state-of-the-art indoor archery range!

Shooting Passes available Buy 5 for $35 get two hours free (Save $15)

Guests and walk-ins are welcome to shoot for a fee of $10 per hour during our open range times. If you

need to rent equipment, we have that available for all of you archers at an additional charge of $10.

For archers new to our range with little or no experience are required to take a one time, mandatory 10 minute introductory lesson for $5.00 per person.  For archers that have never shot a bow before you are REQUIRED to take a lesson with one of our instructors.

Range pass holders please understand that you will be limited to an hour range time during busy hours.  If the range is not busy you are welcome to shoot as long as you like!

Range Hours:
Monday: Closed
Tues-Thurs: 2pm-8pm
Friday: 2pm-5pm
Saturday: 12pm-5pm
Sunday: 12pm-4pm

Special events or parties can be schedule before, during, or after business hours!