Elite Impulse 31

 Elite Impulse 31

A proctor of pulse-raising performance, the 2016 Elite Impulse™ 31 series delivers speed without compromise and “Shootability” without sacrifice. Nearly a decade of product improvements have led to the design of next generation Elite bows. The 2016 Elite Impulse 31 combines a smooth-shooting, swift and stable platform into the most advanced bow we have ever released.

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Axle-Axle 31 +/- .125”
Brace 6” +/- .125”
String 57”
Cable 35 7/8”
Centershot 3/4”-13/16”
Mass Wt 4.2 lbs.
Peak Weights 40, 50, 60, 65, 70, 80

IM31 Cam System

IM31 MOD Speed Rating
#1 – 30” 340-343 fps
#2 – 29.5” 335-338 fps
#3 – 29” 330-333 fps
#4 – 28.5” 325-328 fps
#5 – 28” 320-323 fps
#6 – 27.5” 315-318 fps
#7 – 27” 310-313 fps
#8 – 26.5” 305-307 fps
#9 – 26” 300-303 fps

Based on IBO #70 350 grain arrow.
Deduct 2-3 fps from rating for #60 peak weight with 300 grain arrow.

10 Things You’ll Love About an Elite Bow

Shootability is what separates an ELITE bow from all others. It is the result of constant INNOVATION, exquisite fit and finish, proven technology, and components made by recognized LEADERS in their field. Here are 10 things you’ll love about an ELITE bow that, together, make ELITE the world’s most SHOOTABLE bow!

1. The Riser Cage™ increases riser strength (30%) and stiffness (19%), reduces vibration

You’ll immediately notice the distinctive cage-like structure on the new Elite riser. This sophisticated configuration dramatically enhances overall riser integrity and performance. Riser strength is increased by a whopping 30%. Riser rigidity is increased a significant 19%. The end result is more accurate shooting as well as reduced vibration or buzz. And, all of this with no added weight!

2. Two-track cam system reduces cam lean

ELITE’s two-track cam configuration provides one track for the string and another for both cables. Because this structure is inherently narrower it brings the cable load closer to center reducing the opportunity for cam lean.

3. Linked cams – it’s all about available power

Unlike the two-cam systems of yesteryear in which the cams rotated independently, the two cams on an ELITE bow are “linked” to each other. This ensures synchronization. The two– track cam system is different because the two cams are linked, which contributes to the power stroke and results in more available power.

4. Symmetrical cams mean straight and level nock travel

Symmetrical cam design, where cams are identical in shape and weight, means that once tuned, an ELITE bow will give you straight and level nock travel. That’s vital for long–range fixed-blade broadhead flight or consistent accuracy in competition.

5. Patented module system offers quick draw-length change, consistent efficiency among draw lengths

It used to be, optimal cam performance at every draw length meant building draw-length-specific cams. Changing draw length meant changing out cams, assuming your dealer even had the right cam. Of course, this took time and had associated costs. Modules offered quick draw-length change but modules were typically designed such that they offered peak performance only at popular draw lengths. This meant that if you had a shorter draw length you paid a steep price in lost efficiency, and up to 15 fps! ELITE’s patented module, designed specifically for a two-track cam system, offers quick draw-length change and maximum efficiency performance at each and every draw length.

6. Elite Three-layer laminated Limbs are reliable, repeatable and consistent

Thin and/or split limbs are fashionable. The question is, are they practical? ELITE uses three-layer laminated limbs which are known to be “bomb-proof.” They offer repeatability, consistency and are a big reason ELITE is able to offer the Limited Transferable Warranty.

7. When you buy an ELITE bow it’s already custom fitted with the latest anti-vibration technology:

  • Limbsaver® Broadband™ dampener – one on each limb
  • Limbsaver® Suppressor rod dampener
  • Custom Elite™ string suppressor – arrests the string on the shot

8. Adjustable, rubber-coated draw stop assures consistency

The draw stop posts on ELITE’s cam engage the compression side of the limbs, ensuring you will draw to the same point each and every time. This solid back wall breeds consistent shooting and eliminates “over-drawing,” which can be a tendency in the heat of the moment and can alter speed and trajectory, a problem especially at longer distances.

9. Fit and finish that matches performance

ELITE offers never-before-achieved shootability and exceptional performance. But there is more. You’ll also notice a high level of fit and finish. The tolerances are tight. Everything is fully radiused. An ELITE bow is a work of art!

10. Two-piece wooden grip draws rave reviews

Perhaps the first thing you will notice on an ELITE bow, even before you get a chance to pull one back, is the unique two-piece wooden grip. It looks great and feels even better.